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Buy, sell, & trade
construction equipment
in a safe place.

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Android, iOS & Web Application

EquipNow is built for both mobile and web, with native iOS and Android applications along with an advanced web application.

Buy & sell equipment

EquipNow allows the seller and buyer the ability to manage the purchase and sale of these assets safely and easily.


The funds are released to the Seller after a comprehensive fraud check. This weeds out the fraud.

What we do?

At the high level EquipNow is an application designed to manage the sale of construction equipment. vehicles, trailers, building materials and related assets. This application was designed to serve everyone who might have or need these types of assets / products. It is built for the buyer and the seller as a safe place to buy, sell or even trade these assets. Our application eliminates the typical breakdown in communication and control a person might experience.

EquipNow is the result of many years of experience in this marketplace mixed with the vision of what these transactions should look like. It was developed to empower the Buyers and Sellers of these type of assets. Giving them a solution to Buy. Sell or Trade these types of assets from the palm of their hand or easily from a web browser. Users can receive and make offers, counter offers, chat, share files and more via the EquipNow application.

The Seller

remains is in control of the asset and its value versus the traditional path for for the sale or disposal of such assets. Traditionally owners of these assets would send them to an auction where they would be sold to the highest bidder and the Seller would have no control over the selling price. With EquipNow the Seller is always in control, there is no commitment to sell on our platform. If the Seller sells the asset somewhere else or decides to keep it, the decision is always theirs, no contracts. If the Seller does sell the asset via EquipNow they will be charged a fee which is deducted from the proceeds.

The Buyer

has the ability to offer what they feel they want to pay for this asset, enter in to a negotiation, via offers and counter offers The Buyer and Seller can communicate via the chat within the app, sharing photos, videos, location and files. If the Buyer successfully purchases the asset there is no fee for the Buyer.

Sign up for the beta

Access to free credits to use on the platform to list and promote your assets for sale. Sign up form to receive credits.

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    • 10 free listings for 30 days
    • No free videos
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    • 15 listings for 30 days
    • 3 Videos
    • 5 Credits
    • Includes verified badge

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    • 40 listings for 30 days
    • 10 Videos
    • 20 Credits
    • Includes verified badge

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    • 100 listings for 365 days
    • 100 Videos
    • 100 Credits
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    Managed Plan

    Unlimited listings, videos, boosts, all managed by a dedicated EquipNow Asset Manager. This plan was designed for companies / individuals who do not 
wish to manage the day to day sale and communication necessary to sell their assets. The Seller merely submits their asset data to an EquipNow Asset Manager and they take care of the rest. They help with valuation, listing, communication, managing offers, counteroffers, transportation and the sale 
of the assets. This is only available on an annual plan and is sold directly via EquipNow Asset Managers.

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    This is only the beginning for EquipNow with more features coming soon.

    We will be launching in North America then ultimately worldwide. Our applications will be multi lingual and multi currency.

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